Venezuelan Wedding Traditions

In Venezuela, marriage traditions can be similar to those of western countries. Most couples have two wedding ceremonies, a civil white guys dating latinas wedding service venezuela singles and a larger faith based ceremony. The civil wedding service is usually carried out in a courthouse. The spiritual ceremony is held in a cathedral or a spiritual location. The few is then legitimately betrothed only after that second marriage ceremony.

The first feast day is a legal wedding, while the second is a spiritual ceremony that is attended by entire family and guests. In the second commemoration, the few is officially wedded plus the soon-to-be husband gives the new bride 13 bits of gold, or perhaps arras, to show that he can ready to support her and still provide for her. In some instances, the bride and groom might exchange delicious chocolate silver and gold coins in lieu of coins.


The ceremony is certainly followed by a conventional reception, exactly where friends and family happen to be invited to party. After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are allowed to hug each other. It is believed that will bring good luck. A 'crazy hour' is likewise common throughout the reception, the moment friends dress in halloween costumes and help to make a deafening noise. The bride and groom may slip away throughout the reception.

Venezuelan marriage ceremony traditions are rich and colorful. Lots of the customs are unique and complicated to interpret. Before the wedding, the couple must get the benefit of both their families. The ceremony usually will involve close family members and the couple's parents.

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