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We are Naya Savera Trust

Helping to make the world a better place

Naya Savera Trust was set up in 2014, registered under Societies Act 1860, Government of India. The best of trust’s ideology originated from a very small zone and budget with an amazingly high intention and passion to build up a new Community emphasizing play, creativity, joy, peer - based education, cultural empowerment and healthy dose of experimentation, which made the tedious journey unstoppable.

The Trust aims to be a people’s organization. It emphasizes deep understanding of issues (power, empowerment and community services) strategies for change (e.g. education, practical experience, sense of empowerment collaboration and communication skills.

The goals of the trust are to organize community programs through direct action in order to meet immediate community need through various Life skills and awareness workshop for change. Presently the trust has added new chapter of creating and granting livelihood to grass root artisans.

The idea behind is to sensitize humans to adapt to humanity, and sensitize respect for oneself and others.



Give a Donation

We are able to carry out our work on ground due to the generosity of our donors. Our largest supports are individuals who donate to the Trust's cause from their hard-earned money.



Become a Volunteer

If you wish to contribute towards the betterment of society and enrich yourself in the process, we will be happy to hear from you.



A leadership team with vision

The foundation laid by the founders Mrs. Monika Singhi & Dr. Mamta Singh stand strong to its motto “Sunehri Udaan Sajaye Sunehra Aasmaan” with the vision to captivate our inner energy and transform it for the society.

Hailing from the humble background and with an experience of 30 years in the corporate and education world, Our founding members aspire to make this Trust reach people from all walks of life around the world.

Monika Singhi
Mrs. Monika Singhi

President & Founder

Dr. Mamta Singh
Dr. Mamta Singh